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Fall doesn’t always mean you have to cha
Does anyone else love weddings as much as I do_! Wedding days are filled with so much love and excit
Edgy Gorgeous Grunge
Completing an updo with gorgeous fresh f
It’s National Best Friends Day! 👯‍♀️💕✨
We’re just getting ALL the dimension in
The perfect icy blonde! For Libby’s gorg
Most of you know that this giggly, gorge
Can we do a #throwbackthursday to something that just happened over the weekend_ Because these photo
We’re at that halfway point when it come
When you gotta put that wide lens on to
When Audrey first came to discuss her  h
This mama has some serious HAIR
Transitioning from a heavy foiled look t
It’s that adorable red bob again..
DC voice..
...F R I • YAY • H A I R • GOALS..
Nothing wrong with a little skip in our
This gorgeous gal has aaaallllllllllllll
One of my favorite bombshell pixie gals
How dreamy is Libby’s hair_ Seriously!💫
Alyssa’a hair is out of this world gorge
This adorable girl came in with her gran
Still majorly crushing on this gal’s gor
Remember that super cool artsy girl in h
A gorgeous halo balayage for this beauti
Having gorgeous hair can be an investment. It’s important that we use the proper products at home to
Giggles, gossip, and a gorgeous blonde-ing session! Check, check, and check!✔️✔️✔️_Yesterday was suc
I love a brunette balayage! Such gorgeous tones—Like starting with dark coffee and adding some cream
Blonde Hair, Don’t Care 💁🏼‍♀️_This was our second balayage session in converting her hair from foi
A gorgeous multitonal balayage for this
🔹🔷 This look brought to you by Eiffel 65’s 1999 hit song Blue
Sometimes when you’re changing from what had become your signature hairstyle to something new and di
A little Tuesday Tip_ Let your hair do its thing.jpgDon’t always try to tame it.jpgWork with your cu
Balayage isn’t just for the blondes, ladies. It can give your brunette locks tons of natural, sun ki
This mama of mine constantly allows me to try new things with her Signature Sally Bob
It’s National Best Friends Day! 👯‍♀️💕✨ I celebrated by spending the morning with my ultimate besti
A gorgeous lob perfectly paired with a multi-tonal balayage
💕 Mother’s Day is almost here! 💕 _I don’t know about y’all but my mom is one of my favorite people
Still crushing over these beautiful colors
When a new client walks through the door with amazing, long hair and I’m like 😍💃🏼 We took a few i
Purple Haze and Rose Gold Perfection! Fashion colors can be subtle—giving your hair just a hint of s
There is snow on the ground today and half the town is down south soaking up sunny rays on spring br
We were in for a huge transformation with Andrea’s hair
I’ve got some of the sweetest, cutest, most stylin’ clients around
Sometimes I get a break from Classic Beauties and get to have fun with some Edgy Gorgeousness! _Fait
I love when clients want to transition to something new!After our consultation we decided to start t
So much dimensional blonde envy when it comes to Kate’s gorgeous hair! 😍_Book online at www.ellabst
Sometimes it’s fun when an opportunity for major transformation comes through the doors! ✨ Melissa h
Golden and Carmel tones are some of my favorites for dark haired beauties! I just love the gorgeous,
We had an amazing time taking this girl to the blonde side! We wanted to get her long locks looking
Maybe she born with it, maybe it’s a colormelt 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ Steph has the most amazing hair—long and ju
Lately I’ve gotten a lot of questions about balayage maintenance
The perfect blend of icy and golden hues
This girl has got some HAIR! 💁🏼‍♀️ Seriously, enough for all the townspeople of Warsaw to share
Excuse me, I want ALL the blonde. ☝🏽 okay, thanks, bye
How gorgeous is this gal_! We are converting from previous partial foil highlights to a full balayag
Pixie Power 🧚🏼‍♀️ I loved this transformation from plain-Jane to Sassy and Edgy!
ICE ICE BABY ❄️ too cold! 🌨
Just bobbin’ through life with colormelted highlights to keep it interesting 🖤
Texture with tons of shine
Sifting through my bank of photos and I can’t believe I hadn’t posted this one of this adorable and
Rich reds, browns, and coppers ❤️
Oh, how I love a dimensional blonde lob! 💙
Soft and subtle balayage that seems oh so natural 🖤
Textured B O B Awesomeness 🖤
Subtle highs, lows, and everything in between 💕also, severe jealousy strikes me deeply whenever I s
Love a soft lob with color melted hilights for some dimension! 🖤
Highlights can give you that pop you want but lowlights give you the dimension you need
Hints of ice and caramel for that perfect lived in blonde
Major transformation today for this gorgeous gal
Guys! Today’s the day I meet with the super talented (and stunningly gorgeous) _hunt.and
Such soft, subtle pops! ❤️
Soft and seamless 🖤
Happy Birthday to the gal attached to this amazing mop of hair! 🎂🍾✨
Seriously, do I have the most beautiful clients or what_! 😍 And there’s nothing like a fresh balaya
This just in—I’ve decided I want to be just like _hunt.and
Sexy Lob Perfection 🖤
From partial foil hilights to first time full balay this mama is ready to slay! 💃🏼
Blonde_ All Day Everyday 💁🏼‍♀️
“I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls
Living that curl life ✌🏼
Seriously y’all, I have the prettiest, most amazing clients this side of the equator! 💫🌎💥
Probably my favorite head of hair to work with... I’m lucky she’s my sister and sometimes just lets
First time Balay for this special gal! We opted to add just a few lowlights to give her a little bit
Transitioning from foil highlights to balayage for some low-maintenance gorgeousness! 💕
Beautiful highs and lows in this balayage transition! Such gorgeousness inside and out! 🖤
I was so excited to see this cutie this week! Such a beautiful gem inside and out! 💎
Another day, another bangin' Balay! 💁🏼
Transitioning from ombré to soft sombré with some cooler tones to add dimension!
Soft, beautifully textured layers ✨
All the gorgeous layers, movement and shine! This girl’s hair rocks my world! 🤘🏽🌎🖤
Nothing like a perfect bob ✨
Soft, seamless blonde
Oh, how I love a fun textured pixie!
Sometimes adding a few highlights to soften and blend can make all the difference!
Balayage isn't just for blondes and brunettes--it's amazing for vivids! I love how fun this bold red
A while back my Timehop showed me a photo of the first time I cut my mom's hair and I thought it mig
How gorgeous is this girl_! 🖤✨
This girl is seriously the poster gal for effortless beauty ☀️
How gorgeous is this girl and her fresh blonde balayage_! Major heart eyes! 😍😍😍
My _shatterbladeshears came in the mail yesterday and I had the perfect little lady to try them out
Just look at this lovely long haired beauty! Doesn't she have the most amazing head of hair_! We dec
Soft and seamless highlights and lowlights with fresh layers to give this beauty some bombshell hair
Lots of Lobs for fall--and I love it! 🍂
Loving this gorgeous color from last night! Perfect amount of highs and lows! 🍂
Bangin' Balay for this babe! 💥💥
Heading into fall with a fresh new highlights and lowlights 🍂
This little turkey always brightens my day! So glad I could help you get your hair on point for the
Missed spending the day with my #glamgirls today, but loved all the photos, videos, and messages I g
Selfies in Michigan during our Sunlights Balayage class! I love learning from and growing with these
We just wanted to freshen up a balayage she received previously  so we did a quick halo balay and a
Loved bringing Abby's hair back to sunny side of life with some major balayage hilights! How gorgeou
Amazing class yesterday in Muncie! I never get tired of learning from such amazing stylists! 🖤☀️
Nothing like a solid cut that can be styled more than just one way! I know her favorite is her signa
Oh my gosh, guys! I need a minute to shoutout my new favorite lady
All the texture! 💁🏽
New hair, who dis_! IDK, my BFF Julie! 💃🏼 You are rocking this new cut and I love it almost as muc
So jealous of her perfect natural blonde!
I seriously love this strawberry blonde with highlights, lowlights, and a sweet kiss of blush! 💕✨ �
Sometimes you just need a soft and tousled updo
So great to catch up with _emjwolfe this morning. We trimmed her length and gave her some killer inv
We originally planned to do a simple base retouch, but ended up doing a fun melt and painting in hig
_I'll show you that I am, I'm unstoppable_ 🖤 Celebrating all the growth that 2017 has brought and a
I'm still loving how striking this red balayage is! So fun paired with this sassy style! ❤️ Some day
Putting the richness and a sleek style back into play with this sassy bob! #beforeandafter ❤️
Melting this previous ombré into richer tones and retouching regrowth to transition into a something
Sally B rockin' her new style! 'cause she's not like those other moms, she's a cool mom, okay_ 💃🏻�
I've had a lot of interest in this gal's hair and how we achieved it
Salon Sister Selfie! ❤️#saythatthreetimesfast
From virgin hair to a seamless balay! We had so much fun with her first experience with color! ❤️💃�
Last week  _kristen_hair_chase and I tagged teamed this amazing makeover! Kristen gave her a whole n
Before and After photos are some of my favorite things! 💛💜_We decided we wanted to do fashion colo
Super fun color correction today! We added some deep purple lowlights and golden highlights and blen
Happy Birthday to this long haired beauty! 😘💙✨🎉
I convinced my momma to leap outside of her comfort zone and switch up her usual _Signature Sally Bo
Major bombshell alert 🚨 Balayage isn't just for uber blondes
So, we're starting a hair journey! Making our way to some blonde-ness, but we know it takes time and
Finishing touches to give this bob tons of movement
Before 🔺 During 🔺After
Loving this gorgeous balayage with a purple overlay! 💜 Haley is heading back to school with some be
Audrey's gorgeous before and after! Our goal was to preserve length, give her a fun style that would
I have the most amazing sister and she has some pretty gorgeous hair! But she was feeling kind of _b
Her favorite part is when she gets to swing her hair to showcase her bob
B L U S H.  A N D.  B L O N D E.__We added some sections of blush to this gorgeous balayaged beauty
A gorgeous balayage just in time to go back to school! ❤️
Blend, blend, blend! ✨_Transitioning this mannequin from chunky, bold highlights to something more s
Major transformation with this before and after! ❤️ We took about 12 inches off her length and gave
This humidity was causing some serious issues for my mama's hair (as you can see with her before pho
I love working side-by-side with such great mentors! We have so much fun every day and I'm grateful
Love ending the day at the salon with my mama! 💚🌺🌿
Strategically painting just enough of a highlight to give soft dimension and keep the the beautiful
So much fun today road tripping to Indy with _kristen_hair_chase to see _toph_hanzo and __cole_thomp
Okay, y'all, last one for a little bit! But how gorgeous is this in motion!_ #hairflip 💁🏼#swaysway
Before, during, and after
💕All the gorgeous bouncy curls 💕
All the heart eye emojis right now for this blonde balay bombshell! 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Loved doing this special occasion style for the mother of the groom this morning! With her posse in
model from this morning's Facebook Live with Lacie! I love working with and l
Invisible layers and beachy waves for this gorgeous gal! 🌊✨💙
When you take a selfie with your sister-bestie and she isn't wearing any makeup and she still outshi
Before and after with _katyburgan!  I used _lswbalayage's invisible layering technique with my new H
Mother Daughter Hair Selfie! 👩‍👧 😂 Thanks for letting me have so much fun with both of you (and y
So thankful to be blessed with so many amazing opportunities to learn new things--especially from th
Spent the day with this little mama! We retouched her color and then Lacie showed me some fun Bowl-a
A little experimentation with Sunlights and Wella Magma--love it! 💕☀️💕
Freshened up these gorgeous long locks with a mix of Pastel Pink and Hot Pink Viral shampoo and then
Yesterday I got to have some mannequin fun with this colormelt! I love that I'm getting to learn mor
The result of my short haired model this week! I always love a nice soft styled pixie! ❤️
Waterfall braid and soft curls for these sweet girls! 💕
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